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"WOO WOW WIN" Reed Exhibitions Kick Off Event 2019

Hands Kiosk Event Management produces a series of kick off events themed at "WOO WOW WIN" to Reed Exhibitions Greater China at this wonderful beginning of Year 2019! The "WOO WOW WIN" kick off event includes a Welcome Dinner held at MGM Cotai on Jan 13 while the Kick Off Meeting and the BIG Party are to take place at Wynn Palace on Jan 14, 2019 respectively.

The Chinese Face Changing Performance unveils the Welcome Dinner, followed by an Opening Remark by the President of Reed Exhibitions Greater China and all the 360 guests enjoy a simple but elegrant toasting with each other.  MGTO also supports the event by sponsoring the performance of Portuguese Folk Dance.

The big challenge comes after the Welcome Dinner, Hands Kiosk Crew has to complete the venue setup at 06:00 on Jan 14 but the setup time only starts at 00:00 on the same day!  Yep, 6 hours only!   It's exactly a competition with TIME!  The Crew seizes this valuable 6 hours to install a 10.5mL x 4.5mH LED wall with the design of lighting arch, conference timer, preview, signals split system, sound system, as well as all the technical testing and programming.  Everybody realizes that no mistake or error is allowed in light of the limited setup time, so the exceptional care is applied and each one of the Crew devotes all the attention to what they are handling all through the night. The short hand on clock points to seven, and look, the first rehearsal is on stage on time at 07:00. The Crew sighs lightly ultimately.

The Kick Off Conference starts at 09:00 till 15:30 and which is ended up with a group singing of the "Reed Song" and a corporate group photo. It is always a precious opportunity to gather all the staff, especially like Reed Exhibitions Greater China, almost 360 staff, to take this lovely group photo, isn't it?

Again, the 2nd round to compete with time! While the Banquet of Wynn Palace is working a beautiful quick venue change from conference to dinner, Hands Kiosk Crew has never dared to procrastinate in the slightest bit as the packed performance rehearsal schedule is coming ahead plus hanging up the aerial dance silk.  

The BIG Party starts on time with the splendid performance of Aerial Silk Dance. The performance presents the perfect combination of acrobatic and dance together. Excellent performances including the Big Shot Extravaganza plus 4 staff performances are ceaseless shown on stage, all the guests are struck by their originality, vitality, and excitement. In addition, the lucky draw sections throughout the night let the atmosphere achieved to the highest! The BIG Party ends with an astonishing Broadway Dance and Music.

With great perseverance and untiring effort, Hands Kiosk Crew works closely with Venues, Performers, and Partners to produce the unforgettable event experience to the Clients. Yes, we make it, 48 hours to produce 3 excellent Events in 2 different venues!


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