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LED Cyr Wheel & Live Violin Act @ NEXA Gala Dinner 2019

The combined act of Luminous Cyr Wheel and Live Violin is extremely innovative and fresh as an opening performance for a gala dinner to draw all the guests' attention!

Our professional partnered acrobatic artists and violinist fly from Shanghai and Moscow to Macau at the beginning of this beautiful May day to deliver a stunning performance at the NEXA Gala Dinner at Four Season Hotel. According to the music played by the Violinist, the dramatic LED lighting from the cyr wheel can be pre-programmed and rehearsed with a variety of different colors and modes allowing the flexibility to fit the event theme and color tone.

This is a lovely performance mixing with acrobatic, dance, music, art and sound.

Contact us ( to wow your guests and event by considering this spectacular Luminous Cyr Wheel and Live Violin performance!

Enjoy the video:


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