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Combination of Cultural Performances @ BIRLA GOLD CEMENT Event

I love to propose cultural performance to international clients when they come to us and ask suggestion of entertainment options for their events.

HANDS Crew proposes the very traditional Chinese performance, Chinese Face Change, to the guests from India this time. Most of guests have the first experience to enjoy the performance and they wows for the quick mask change of the Masters on & off stage. Chinese Face Change is an ancient Chinese Sichuan opera. Masters wear traditional Chinese opera costumes and at least 8 different masks with vivid emotions, depicting well-known characters from the stories or legends of ancient Chinese society. Masters change from one face to another instantaneously with the swipe of a fan, a wave of hands, or a movement of the head. Just one second, from smiling to angry face, how wonderful it is!

Fine tooling the dancing steps during rehearsal

During the BIRLA GOLD CEMENT Event, HANDS Crew provides another cultural performance which is Flash Mob Dance. Our dancers mix the Bollywood dancing step with Hiphop and Flash Mob into the choreography to best fit the event theme. On the other hands, in order to amaze guests, dancers dress up like the hotel staff of Sheraton and sneak into the crowd before the event opening. All of a sudden, the music is on and the "Hotel Staff" move from the crowd to stage with high energy to kick off the night!

Here, I would like to share with you the video clip of the performances on the nigh! Enjoy!


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