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Wah! Jollibee Macau has the Grand Opening on Sept 28, 2018!

"I'm your friend, I'm Jollibee ah, Jollibee Jollibee~~" with the joyful theme song and the adorable Mascot, Jollibee, the popular Filipino fast food franchise, has the grand opening ceremony of its first restaurant established here in Macau, a lovely city designated as UNESCO Creative City of Gastronomy, on Sept 28, 2018. The VVIPs holds the ribbon cutting ceremony to celebrate the shop grand opening followed by the amazing dance performance by the Jollibee Mascot and Jollibee staff who also have the doors open and guide all the guests to the speech area. Last but not least, it comes to an entirely new sort of toasting -- the Chickenjoy Toasting!!! Each guest hold a fired chicken wing and says "CHEERS!"

Hands Kiosk has its honour to run the whole event from providing simple but grand ribbon cutting ceremony, floral arrangement, sound and visual design and equipment to on show event management for Jollibee.

The crew gets the notes from the clients after they go back to the Philippines, "Hi Hands Kiosk, we just wanted to thank you again for the wonderful job you did for the Jollibee event, the professionalism you showed throughout, particularly in managing all requests event at the last minute. Thank you so much and we hope we can work together again next time!"

Thanks Jollibee! We are here to create a better way to grow!


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