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Hands Kiosk Performs at The Terrific 12 Tournament in Arena of Studio City Macau!!

Amazing! The Terrific 12 Tournament in Arena of Studio City Macau is successfully held from Sept 18-23, 2018. "The Terrific 12 is not just a basketball tournament. Asia League Fest is a live musical performance that offers something for everyone, even fans who have never held a basketball." indicated by the organiser, The Asia League. That's true, preference of audiences and fans changes. A fabulous basketball tournament, of course, is what they expect to enjoy, a impressive performance with fascinating lighting effect during session breaks is indispensable as well which gives a relaxing atmosphere to the tense tournament, also serves as a buffer zone to basketball players and audiences.

Hands Kiosk has its honour to cooperate with The Asia League as the performance providers during the session breaks of the tournament. The Hiphop & Breaking Dance and The Kpop Dance are performed perfectly by our dancers.

Please enjoy our performances by clicking the following clips:

Hands Kiosk Hiphop Dance:

Hands Kiosk Hiphop Dance:


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