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Event and Exhibition as Strategic Marketing Tools

Event, as everyone knows, includes all scales and all kinds of activities from international grand occasions down to business product launches, or private party. Exhibition, interpreted as an event at which goods , objects to display, to exchange or trade for works or products in public.

If we consult with the venue operators of event and exhibition, they might tell us, each second they are selling their venues to different entities for organizing events and exhibitions.

Why organizing event and exhibition is so popular at all times and in all countries?

From the perspective of business, it might be a tool for strategic marketing to promote corporate's image, business philosophy, launch new product, or even to attract investors! That sounds a brilliant occasion, isn't it? The participants of event and exhibition, normally speaking, invited to be guests or visitors are the business targets of the organizer. They understand their target before go to the event, and they have their own objectives and expectation towards the function, says, to expand business scope by concentrated communicating with various potential partners, as well as customers.

In addition, event and exhibition are the tools not only to generate business volume, but also a method to boost the media coverage. For instance, a product launch, a press conference, a technology conference, or a promotional event, etc., all those are actually kind of marketing strategy to market a business, to build business relationship, to encourage people including customers and employees, and last but not least, to raise profit.

That's true, raise money. No one will do a losing proposition. Marketing needs money, but it might also gain a considerable revenue back to the company.


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