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That's an amazing Annual Dinner of Bank of China (Macau)

Inspired by the Chinese Lion Dance, Hands Kiosk Event Management produces a series of event design in the topic of Chinese New Year to our valuable client - Bank of China (Macau Branch)'s Annual Dinner at the evening on Feb 11, 2018! Hands Kiosk skillfully combines the traditional elements of Chinese New Year with the fabulous kaleidoscope patterns together to ultimately reach a trendy and eye-catching event concept and designs!

Guests and their family members enjoy so much during the night which is filled of staff's talent show and performances, as well as the award presentation to those who work brilliantly and contribute a lot to the company.

The Challenge Hands Kiosk Event Management faces this time is a super tight lead time for producing event concept, designs and production, especially as we would like to create a unique Chinese New Year theme design with trendy elements to our client. Our designers had worked days and nights to propose their ideas and concept to client regarding the event theme and design, we work out at least 6 versions and finally, we come out this syncopated sparks between the lion head and kaleidoscope is perfect matched for this special evening.

We are always endeavour to strive for the perfection!


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