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Corporate Event at Wynn Palace

Private Banking X Art of Floral Arrangement

Want to give your clients a tail-made experience and include a special activity in your meeting? It is a good idea to have your clients design an elegant and unique floral arrangement by themselves. Of course, it is not an easy task. But our clients have full talent and all of them create excellent flower art pieces eventually.

Hands Kiosk does encounter challenge for this corporate event because of the very short lead time. Only 4 days ahead the event, Hands Kiosk have to complete all the preparation including the event design concept, backdrop design with options to client and the final production.

As the event theme is Private Banking x Art of Floral Arrangement, in order to match with the theme, as well as the elegant ballroom at Wynn Palace, our designer contributes two spectacular designs. Inspired by Jade, the one with the elegant Chinese patterns with the semi-transperant jade texture background is selected by our client.


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