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Galaxy Asian Heart Team Member Rally 2023

It is an amazing corporate staff rally event happening at a brand new multi-functional venue - Galaxy Arena!

HANDS KIOSK appreciates having the opportunity to provide the creativity service and produce the professional entertainments to the Asian Heart event. The spectacular Lighting Show kicks off the event, immediately followed by the opening act "Vertical Beat" in which our energetic aerial artists and acrobatic dancers perform the vertical walk, cube juggling together with acrobatic dance to strongly deliver the theme of the event: ASIAN HEART BEAT!

Rather than a competition, a battle, actually, could also be a method to gather all the power! The designed act "Power Unity" is presented by Red Team to perform Chinese drum and Kong Fu, and Blue Team to perform Western violin and modern dance. Not only the stage effects have a strong visual impart, but also the choreography, the storyline, the original concept of the event, unity of staff members, grab all the guests' attention and create a deep-heart experience.

Arena @ Galaxy Macao



Event Type

8000 pax in total


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