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FMCC Charity Gala Dinner 2022 (80 Days Around the World)

Every year, France Macau Chamber of Commerce selects a special theme for its annual charity gala dinner, of course, no exception for 2022. Immerse in one of France's Jules Verne's most famous novels in his series of voyages extraordinaire named "Around the World in 80 Days", guests follow the itinearay of the novel to travel and explore the world during a truly imaginative eventing. What an exciting adventure!

According to the selected theme "Around the World in 80 Days". HANDS KIOSK Event, on one hand, works closely with the gala dinner committee of FMCC to design the event key visual and develop it to various visual contents including backdrops, e-visual, and decorations, also the event atmosphere, stage effect which are created by audio and lighting. On the other hands, HANDS crew also work with the dancer crew, the live band to tailor-made the themed performances.

Year 2022, a difficult year to the industry due to the affect of COVID-19, same to the FMCC Annual Charity Gala Dinner which is postponed from early of the year to November. We appreciate so much we could be here with our client, FMCC, to produce the unforgettable event experience to our honoured guests! Enjoy!

We provide one-stop event management service to FMCC Charity Gala Dinner:

  • Event design, creativity, event key visual and theme graphic development

  • Event producer, show caller and live event crew

  • Stage, decor design and construction

  • Art and performances management

  • Audio, visual lighting equipment and system, as well as technical design

MGM Macau


Gala Dinner

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300 pax


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