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Cogs and a Pencil

Event Design

we provide...
event design and technical solutions

Concept 〉Theme 〉Design

Creativity and Design are the most fundamental elements when it comes to plan an event. Event Design, from the point of an event designer's view, is not only the physical and visual design, but also the consideration of event experience delivery, event emotion interaction and event value delivery. 

So, in addition to touchable event design drawing, let's start from an event concept, to tailor-made an interactive and unique event together!



we provide...
event design and technical solutions

Design 〉Structure Production

Our Professional Factory Partner:


Comprised over 7000 square meter and nearly 100 employees, our partnered factory located in Dongguan China provides delicate production and professional service for event stages, props, decorations, as well as exhibition both.  We could provide you with the service not only here in Macau, Hong Kong, Taiwan, but also the Greater China and oversea. Our immediate support would be the most cost effective, and the most straightforward solution to you. You're always welcomed to send us the design drawing for production.

Services include:

> Stage Design & Production

> Exhibition Booth & Decoration

> Props Design & Production



we provide...
event design and technical solutions

Design 〉Technical Solutions

We have our long-term technical partnerships to provide you the most suitable audio / visual / lighting solutions. Under the supervisor of our event designers and event producers, we create a perfect event ambience not only to match your event themes, but also to deliver your event value.

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event design & technical support

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